Our Guide to British Columbia's Official Volleyballs!

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Our Guide to British Columbia's Official Volleyballs!


Boys - Baden VCOR Purple/Lime/White

Girls - Baden VCOR Blue/Grey/White

Club Volleyball

13u: Mikasa MVALite

The newest Mikasa Game Ball for 12 & under. Weighing in at 8 oz this ball is perfect for younger players just starting out in the volleyball world. The unique 8-panel design allows for more hand contact and better control.

14u - 16u: Mikasa VQ200W

Features a micro-cell outer for improved feel and long lifespan over competitor composites and is cotton wound for softness. Features the new modified 18-panel for optimal player tracking of spin. 

Volleyball Canada uses this ball for 14U and 15U competitions. 

17u & 18u: Mikasa V200W - 

A perfectly balanced, 18-panel aerodynamic design that improves ball movement and gives players greater control. The double-dimpled microfiber surface stabilizes the flight path of the ball and creates additional cushioned ball control, whilst the anti-sweat functionality prevents the surface of the ball from becoming slippery during intense play. Size 5 - Official

Volleyball Canada uses this ball for 16U-18U competitions. 

Adult Volleyball

There are no official game balls for adult recreational leagues. It will usually be based off the preference of the players or the individuals running the league. The most commonly used volleyballs in adult recreation are: 

Tachikara SV5W Leather: The classic volleyball that many adults grew up using. Some teams still play with this ball in their leagues and it is very popular with adult players. 

Molten V5M5000: A newer style of ball to adult leagues. Commonly used by adults that played in post-secondary. 

Mikasa V200W: The newest ball from Mikasa. Used for Older Club volleyball age groups as well as many adults. 

Mikasa MVA200: The older version of the Mikasa Official game ball which is now being replaced by the V200W.  


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