Beaconsfield Elementary - Pink Shirt Day

This year in honour and support of Pink Shirt Day on Wednesday, February 24, 2021, the PAC will be donating one T-shirt (Retail Value: $10) for each Lord Beaconsfield student and staff member.

To continue spreading awareness about bullying, we kindly ask that you consider making a monetary donation to support Lord Beaconsfield’s other anti-bullying initiatives, such as building a “Buddy Bench” on our school grounds. A “Buddy Bench” will exemplify and remind our children to spread kindness and care all-year-round by connecting students with other peers so no one feels left out or on the fringe. In addition to the bench, your donation will also go towards the purchase of playground equipment to encourage children to play and interact during break times. Donation receipts will be issued for monetary gifts greater than $20.

Please DO NOT send CASH with your child. Instead, please make your donation via School Cash Online, which provides an easy and secure way to make direct donations:

Thank you for your generous support to help us build a unified, strong and caring school community!

If you have any questions or concerns about this campaign or the PAC in general, please contact us via e-mail,

To Order:

    If you are unsure about sizing, use the "What's my size" feature to assist you.

    Please ensure you include your Childs First and Last Name and select their Classroom Division from the dropdown menu.

    If you have multiple children in different divisions you will need add each child's shirt to your cart one at a time. 

    The store will close at midnight on February 4th 2021. Production will begin once the store has closed. The shirts will be distributed directly to your child's classroom at school in time for Pink Day!


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