House Volleyball Net (indoor)

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Move over knee hockey, House Volleyball is the new home game in town that everyone will be playing. House Volleyball trademark, and pat. pending, is a brand new product, and form of volleyball, that you can play in your own home. The game combines elements from indoor, beach, and sitting volleyball. Turn your living room, den, or rec room into your very own House Volleyball court. Awesome for family gatherings, parties, dorm rooms, hotel rooms, schools, or camps. House Volleyball is a great way to work on your volleyball skills, get exercise, and to have fun with family and friends. It's suitable for almost all ages (4+), skill levels, 2 to 12 players, and is safe to play in your house:)
  • **Requires two Kitchen chairs/dining room chairs, which are not included
  • Minimum floor space of 4 m x 2 m (12' x 6')